Supporting our Students

Jay Pritzker Academy students and parents on the first day of school. JPA campus, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Jay-Pritzker-Academy-Siem-Reap-Cambodia.

We support our students by providing everything they need to succeed at school. They may have few resources at home, so we supply them not only with all study materials, but also practical requirements like uniforms and shoes, as well as hygiene supplies.

Good nutrition is linked to brain development and healthy growth, and a hungry child can’t concentrate on lessons. Our modern, well-equipped kitchen serves over one thousand meals per day. Meals are chosen with good nutrition in mind and students eat three times each school day. To track the effectiveness of our meal program, we weigh and measure the students each quarter to calculate their BMI.

JPA has an on-site clinic with a full-time nurse who attends to students’ general wellbeing and coordinates hospital visits where indicated. A comprehensive vaccination program and dental and vision care are provided to all students free of charge.