Jay Pritzker Academy is dedicated to educating academically talented and motivated students from families in rural Cambodia, to maximize their potential and their ability to build a better future for themselves, their families and their country

Jay Pritzker Academy (JPA) is a Pre-K - 13 co-ed day school, located approximately 16 kms (10 miles) from Siem Reap, Cambodia. JPA provides a challenging college-preparatory curriculum taught by inspired and inspiring teachers. Our English-medium curriculum is based on the successful and highly regarded Providence St. Mel approach to research based instruction. Currently, 462 girls and boys from surrounding villages attend JPA. We have a faculty of over 80 ex-pat and Cambodian teachers and aides delivering our English medium and Cambodian National curricula.


Monday, 11th February 2019

Pre-Kindergarten Students Ready to Head Home with their Activity Packs

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are loving our new activity packs which they take home as part of our efforts to respond to parents’ request for help in supporting their child’s education.

Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Long, reported that parents often ask how they can help their children at home. She said, “I realized that many of our students’ families were unsure of how to go about this.” Ms. Long began researching and came across UK Teach First Innovation Award winner, Eve Keogh’s Boromi Boxes and used the idea to create our activity packs. The activity packs include resources such as toy farm animals, building blocks or game boards and instructions for parents based on particular learning goals set by teachers. The activity packs were so popular in Ms. Long’s class that her kindergarten colleague, Ms. Band organized a weekly rota allowing all the children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten to borrow the packs. She checks each pack when it is returned and makes sure it is ready for the next child.

Ms. Long was pleased to see the parents embrace the opportunity to work with their children. She said, “The feedback we have received from parents has been incredibly positive. Children are so proud to teach their siblings how to use the packs. One student was so excited about the Animals Around the World pack that the next day she taught the whole class what she had learned about narwhals.” The activity packs have proved to be a great way for teachers and parents to join together helping children at school and at home.

Thanks to Ms. Long, Ms. Band and the Kindergarten team for finding yet another way to support the children in early years.


Monday, 4th February 2019

Channarun ’17 is studying computer science at Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China. Recently, he returned to Cambodia and visited JPA to tell us all about his experience. He reflected on his studies and life in China:


Monday, 28th January 2019

A Honor Roll Students in Lower SchoolStraight A Honor Roll Students - Kannika Grade 2 and Sina Grade 1A Honor Roll Students in High School

Grades 1-3 Compassion Presentation

Sengly Grade 8

Last week, the student council organized our lower school and high school honor roll assemblies.

Ellen Grade 9

The lower school assembly began with a presentation to Sreynich, Grade 6, for winning the senior section of the Cambodia Primary School Art Contest with her poster titled, ‘Our planet needs us.’

Next, Grades 2 and 4 gave spirited musical performances. Grade 2 had everyone clapping along as they used rhythm sticks to play the song, ‘Sarasponda.’ Grade 4 who have been learning to play the recorder performed the songs, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and ‘On the March.’ Finally, students from Grades 1, 2 and 3 gave a short presentation, written by Grade 2, describing how we can show compassion, which is our chosen character trait for this quarter. Then it was time to celebrate academic achievement with the presentation of honor roll certificates. Special congratulations go to Sina, Grade 1 and Kannika, Grade 2 for reaching the Straight A honor roll.

The next day, it was the high school honor roll assembly. Sengly ’23 spoke eloquently about facing her fears when public speaking, while Ellen ’22 shared her experiences and thoughts about the negative impact of bullying and ways to combat it.

Thanks to the student council for organizing these very well-run assemblies and congratulations to all the students on the honor roll.


Monday, 21st January 2019

It’s that exciting time of the year when colleges are awarding their ‘early decision’ acceptance scholarships. Three of our class of 2019 students have just learned of their acceptance to their preferred colleges. While the students concerned are thrilled, their peers applying for ‘regular decision’ are now more optimistic about the news they will receive this spring. We congratulate Rithy, Somphors and Sokhoeun who share their reflections below.

Image: https://vinoly.comRithy ’19 awarded a scholarship to NYU Abu Dhabi

Rithy ’19 has been awarded a scholarship to NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE. She said, “It's so hard to describe how I feel about receiving a scholarship and being accepted to NYUAD as I have felt every kind of emotion. At first, I was in shock. Then, gradually I saw the new possibilities that my future may hold. I began to focus on the exciting opportunities that will arise from being at such a great university. I will make sure that I continue to make the most of each one as they come along. Currently, I am planning to major in applied mathematics in one of the sciences or a human science subject.”

Somphors ’19 awarded a scholarship to Kenyon College USAImage: https://www.kenyon.edu

Somphors ’19, who earned a scholarship to Kenyon College, Ohio, USA, said, “It is challenging to describe my feelings when I found out that I was offered a scholarship and accepted to college. I was actually on a plane when the letters were sent. So, what began as one of the worst plane rides, frustratedly waiting for news, became the best plane ride of my life when I checked my phone, using the onboard wifi, and saw that I had been accepted. I was quickly flooded with emotions, and I shed tears of joy; I looked up into the air, took a deep breath and thought, wow!, what a beautiful world. I haven’t finally decided on my major yet. Currently, I’m heading in the direction of pre-law, political science or international relations.”

Image: https://journalstar.com/Sokhoeun ’19 awarded a scholarship to Union College USA

Sokhoeun ’19 has been given a scholarship to Union College, New York, USA. He said, “I was elated the moment I saw that I had received a scholarship and acceptance to Union College. I was speechless. I kept reading and re-reading the acceptance letter to make sure it was not a mistake. I was at school in the college and careers office talking to teachers about my application when I found out, so I had to keep it together. However, If I had been at home, I would’ve been jumping and screaming all over the place. I am jubilant to know that I will be continuing my education abroad. It motivates me to keep striving, and I feel that my educational journey is looking ever more positive. I hope to major in mathematics and minor in economics.”

All three students expressed their gratitude for all at JPA for the opportunities and support they have received throughout their education. Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who have worked with these talented students over their entire school careers.

Opening of New Preschool Wing

Wednesday, 16th January 2019

We recently celebrated the opening of our new preschool wing welcoming over 160 two and three year old children to our beautiful, purpose-built facilities. Parents and children delighted at the bright, colorful classrooms, the large playground and the green gardens. There were inevitably a few tears as children said goodbye to parents, perhaps for the first time in their lives, but they quickly joined the fun activities and started to make friends.

Each spacious classroom has a large outside covered space for art and craft projects, a reading corner and a large space for physical movement. There are some very cute, size-appropriate bathroom facilities. By day 2, the children were already settled into their new routines and enjoying singing, dancing, listening to stories and playing together. The program aims to provide nutrition and hygiene as well as giving all the happy preschoolers the best possible start to their education.

Thanks to all the teachers, aides and parents who worked hard to make the first week a great success.