Friday, 1st July 2016

We welcomed back all classes onto campus for our four week Summer School program of learning, fun and fitness. Summer School includes two units aimed at increasing the health and fitness of our students. One unit, Fitness Plus, focuses on physical fitness of the students and the other, Health and Wellness, includes chapters on sex-education, common ailments in our community and how to take responsibility for our own health.

Students are loving their sports program. Coach, Mr. Pomroy, is pushing each student to build on their personal fitness goals with an intensive regime of running laps, sit ups, push ups, squats and more.

In Lower School, students are beginning each day bright and early with a session of junior yoga before 20 minutes of silent reading to get them focused for the day ahead. The Lower School students just love to read. They ended the school year with JPA's highest ever reading scores and checked out more books from the library than any previous year at our school. As a reward, they are all off to Siem Reap's brand new cinema to watch Finding Dory in glorious 3D.

Diabetes is a critical and growing health issue in Cambodia with many sufferers who are not even diagnosed and only a tiny minority receiving proper medication. Some of our Middle and High School students are working on a play, with careers counselor, Ms. Fraser-King, to help bring awareness of diabetes to our community. Ms. Fraser-King, who is also an adviser to the Cambodia Diabetes Association, has arranged for the students to tour schools in our area presenting their play.

We all hope to end Summer School feeling fitter, healthier and happier. Thanks to everyone for making Summer School 2016 a great success.


Friday, 3rd June 2016

The Class of 2016 donned their caps and gowns at the close of this year as they celebrated their High School Graduation Ceremony ending a very formative chapter of their lives and opening the next exciting phase as they head out to take their places at university.

The graduation ceremony day began early in the morning with family, friends, faculty and alumni gathering for the Conferring of the Diplomas. Salutatorian, Sophea, opened the proceedings with a speech in which she referenced the strong foundations the students have been given at JPA and imploring the Class of 2016 to remain true to the values of service, compassion and integrity that we all share. Next Valedictorian, Sopheara, made a passionate and, at times, very funny speech where he looked back over the many, many shared memories of the Class of 2016 including some embarrassing ones. He then stunned the audience by ending his speech by singing the last lines at the top of his voice. The Class of 2016 then presented a short video they had secretly shot to thank all the people in our JPA community that have made their education possible. "Graduation is the start of my independence," said Sinet, "now my studies and life are my responsibility - no more Ms. Houston telling me to update my CV. It's all on me!"

Then began the Conferring of the Diplomas. The graduates came to the stage one by one as their names were called to receive their Diplomas from Head of School, Mr. McCambridge. Cameras were flashing as emotional family members proudly snapped the moment their children, dressed in full academic regalia, accepted their hard earned diplomas and became graduates of Jay Pritzker Academy. Srey Nich reflected,"Everyone has their own moment of epiphany; I had mine during my high school graduation. It was the moment that made me realize that I could achieve great things in in life."  

Next was the biggest event of the JPA school calendar: The Graduation Prom. Once again the venue was a 5 star ballroom all decked out in ribbons, lights and a huge buffet. In a rare treat for the graduates, a fantastic band, Cambojam, brought out all the old Cambodian hits of the 1960s. By the second song, just about everyone was on the floor and the dancing carried on all night. The band graciously made way for the entire graduating class who took to the stage and ended the Prom by raising the roof with their singing and guitar playing. As with previous years, the graduates all voted Prom Night as the best night of their lives.

We know that our graduates are full of potential and we know they will achieve greatness.
Congratulations Class of 2016!


Friday, 20th May 2016
Campaign Speeches
Left to right: Sokhoeun, Thida and Pangna ready for service.

Votes have been counted and the results are in following our recent Student Council Elections for the 2016-2017 school year. The Student Council serves as a great platform for leaders of the future to hone their skills and get valuable experience organizing events, running clubs and serving their school community.

This year, there were elections for the executive positions of Secretary and Vice President. Pangna and Nathamon, from Grade 11, ran for Secretary and Sokhoeun and Kimheng, from G10, for Vice President.

The campaign kicked off with the candidates holding an assembly where they each made a speech outlining why students should vote for them. The speeches were largely focused on service and experience. We then began to see campaign posters appear around the school adorned with candidates' catchy slogans. Current Class prefects were in charge of the distribution of ballots and the winners were announced two days later. 

Congratulations to the winners. Sokhouen from Grade 10 was elected as Vice President and Pangna was elected as Secretary. Pangna said he intended to be an “active secretary, not just a recorder of minutes”. Sokhoeun said he aimed to ensure communication between Student Council and students, and intends to table some of his own motions.

We said a grateful farewell to outgoing President Srey Nich who has done a wonderful job leading the Student Council this past year and has set a very high standard for her successor. Following Student Council protocol, Thida from the class of 2017 will take the top job. Thida has been working as Vice President and is in a strong position to fill Srey Nich's shoes. She aims to lead a smooth running, efficient student council, that she hopes will be the best that JPA has ever seen.

Student Council Supervisors, Ms. Norton and Ms. McGowan held a celebratory event with delicious cake and lemonade so that outgoing members could share ideas and experiences with members elect to help with a smooth transition.

Well done to all elected representatives. We look forward to a year of growth, service and leadership. 


Friday, 6th May 2016
Second from left, Srey Touch, Middle School Spelling Bee Champion
Second from left, Chandara, Junior Spelling Bee Champion

This week we held our annual Lower School Spelling Bee and High School/Middle School Spelling Bee competitions. Chandara, from Grade 5 and Srey Touch from Grade 8 emerged as the winners after a tight battle which saw the tension grow as participants were eliminated. Both events were highly competitive and gripped the audience who sat almost motionless and silent.

For Srey Touch, it was her first Spelling Bee and although she was nervous, she felt she had really prepared for the competition. “I studied really hard with my older sister who leads JPA's Speech and Debate Club. She made me spell the words over and over and over again until I got them right.  I concentrated on going over the more complicated words, but I didn’t forget the more frequent words either.”
Chandara, reflected, "I didn’t think I had a chance of winning until the very end. That’s when I got really nervous– when I knew I had a chance.”

The competitions highlighted the incredible progress the students have made over the last year. As this year saw JPA's highest ever reading results, we were not surprised to see the range of the participants' vocabulary as they tackled sometimes obscure words with confidence in their preparation. 

Congratulations to all of the finalists and especially to the winners.
Thank you to the judges, Ms. Woodgate, Mr. Ahlers, Ms. McGowan, Mr. Hopkins and Ms. Cameron for a captivating competition. 


Thursday, 14th April 2016

JPA welcomed the Cambodian New Year with a jam-packed assembly and some traditional New Year games. The New Year is the most joyously celebrated cultural event with the whole country a sea of smiles. Our students decorated the school with colorful lanterns and made a very informative display with photos and short explanations of traditional New Year games and ceremonies so that our non-Cambodian staff could learn more about our students' culture.

The assembly opened with a traditional Cambodian dance performed by JPA staff, much to the delight and amusement of our students. Khmer Language Arts teacher, Ms. Sarath, taught the expatriate teachers traditional Khmer dance styles in the weeks leading up to New Year. The teachers, Cambodian and expatriate, all dressed in traditional costumes and the students gave them a superstar reception as they took to the stage. Next, the very popular guitar club gave a delightful performance that got everyone's feet tapping.   The JPA Dance Club performed three fast-paced and perfectly synchronized routines. One dancer, Yong Ie, from Grade 11, said, “It was nerve racking until the crowd started to clap and cheer. Then I could feel my confidence building – and my exhilaration.”  The Dance Club choreographer, Seiha, from Grade 10, then stood alone on the stage before launching into an electrifying and very accomplished solo performance.  

Following the morning's performances, everyone headed out to the fields to play traditional games, including Teang Prot (Tug o’War), Boss Ongkunh (Throwing the Seeds), and Veay Kaorm (Clay Piñata). We ended our celebration with everyone joining together for a huge traditional circle-dance before going home smiling to begin our New Year break. 

Many thanks, once again, to Ms. Norton for organizing a really fun day of festivities.


Friday, 1st April 2016

After positive feedback from the parenting sessions held earlier in the year, JPA hosted another weekend of workshops which focused on parenting skills. Ms. Norton, Lower School Department Chair, was very pleased by the positive feedback from parents, teachers and students following the previous workshops. She decided to organize more workshops and carefully selected a range of helpful topics to cover over the coming months. The workshops were once again led by Pisey Khim, Director of the Women's Resource Center. She divided the parents of our early years classes into three groups to provide a more intimate setting and allow for more in depth discussion. The parents and workshop facilitators discussed effective strategies to positively communicate with children. They explored how each family sets boundaries for children, and how to employ positive methods of discipline and correction. The parents were again really enthusiastic, and looked forward to share what they learned with other family members, who also help care for their children. Mr. Lon Put, father of a Pre-Kindergartner, said he will be teaching his son how to take responsibility for his own actions and to make the right choices. The mother of another student, Mrs. Srey Thom, said, “I got some new ideas from this workshop and from the other parents that have more parenting experience. I’m now thinking about how to interact with my child more positively.” Other parents expressed how they were unsure of what to expect, but felt that all members of the community would benefit from more such workshops.

We look forward to inspiring good parenting practices in the future and thank all involved for their hard work in putting the workshops together.


Friday, 18th March 2016

JPA's own Irish Dance Club performed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this March. The students, selected from Grades 2, 3 and 4 performed two Irish dance classics, 'The Walls of Limerick' and 'Shoe the Donkey'. The whole of Lower School attended the performance along with the Pre-Kindergartners who were dressed as leprechauns and clapped gleefully to the show . “Irish dancing club was designed to help students develop their sense of rhythm while at the same time exercising and having fun,” said Mr. Crawford, Irish Dance Club leader and native of Ireland. One of his club members from Grade 4, Rany, agreed. “I felt so proud and happy being able to learn a new style of dance and be able to perform it in front of an audience.”

Well done Irish Dance Club. You’ve come a long way, to be sure.


Wednesday, 2nd March 2016

Last week, Jay Pritzker Academy participated in Read Quest, a one-day world event for all schools who use the Accelerated Reader program. The organization reported that an astonishing 3,763,408 books were read by students during this event.

The goal of Read Quest is to spend a day celebrating the joy of reading and sharing books, by reading as many books as possible. Students and teachers at JPA participated by dressing up in costumes to represent our favorite book characters. The lower school classes teamed with middle school and high school classes to share their favorite books with each other, while also practicing reading strategies.

The day was a resounding success for reading and community and we are eagerly looking forward to more collaborative reading sessions.


Thursday, 17th February 2016

Grade 5 and 6 students enjoyed a spectacular night at the circus to celebrate their achievements so far this year. The middle schoolers have been working very hard to reach their reading goals and have also shown great progress in mathematics and science. Their teachers, Mr Ahlers and Ms. Woodgate, decided to treat them all to their first ever circus performance and school sleepover.

The circus acts dazzled and delighted the students as they watched the artists of Phare Circus performing startling acrobatic stunts, juggling, fire twirling and dancing in beautifully choreographed movements blending the traditional with the modern. Lin, from Grade 5, said, "I was a little bit scared when I saw one acrobat standing on the hands of another. I thought she would fall." Sreyim noted, "The performers showed trust, bravery and practice.”

After the show, all the students boarded the bus back to school for a sleepover. There was non-stop excited chatter all the way back, and some amateur acrobatics before lights out. Sokuntheary, also from Grade 5, said, "I was a little homesick at first because I usually sleep with my mom, but my friends joked and talked about the circus and I felt OK."

These students came back to school on Monday full of stories of what they'd seen and determined to work even harder toward their next goal and their next reward.

Thank you to Mr. Ahlers and Ms. Woodgate and well done Grade 5 and 6. Keep up the excellent work.


Monday, 1st February 2016

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten had their monthly assembly last Friday celebrating both academic and behavioral achievements. “These assemblies provide opportunities to celebrate achievement and showcase what they have been learning," said Mr Crawford, Early Years Coordinator. “It also aims to prepare the students for Lower School Honors Assemblies so they are familiar with assembly etiquette."

Pre-Kindergarten has been learning about community helpers. They dressed as firefighters, complete with hats and hoses and performed two songs, “I Am A Firefighter” and “The Friendship Song”. Each teacher then gave out Excellence Awards to students who have excelled in literacy, numeracy or behavior. Some Pre-Kindergarteners were asked what they like about the assemblies. “I like to see who will get a certificate,” said Kiheng. “Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's not,” Meakesey added. “I love certificates,” Vataney concluded.

Great Job Early Years! We look forward to seeing you continue to shine through 2016.


Thursday, 21st January 2016

Quarter three has seen the growth of extracurricular activities, run by teachers and students.

Ms. Fields started Junior Art Club in lower school which has seen a big turnout of budding artists. Kindergarten teachers, Mr. Crawford and Mrs. Wass, are hosting an Irish Dance class and in just two classes students have made a very respectable attempt at their first Irish jig. Kanchana from Grade 3, who has been practicing at home said, “It is really hard, but really fun.”

Sophomore Seiha, is continuing to choreograph the high school dance club who recently performed their latest routine for the school. Mr. Hopkins is teaching football skills to the lower grades with the assistance of a JPA United soccer star, Korb, who said, “Football is great for learning about cooperation and is so good for my fitness. I really want to teach the younger students my football skills.”

Yoga classes resumed with Grade 3 teacher, Ms. Cameron and Ms. Clingman's Drama Club held auditions last week for the main parts in their upcoming play. And finally, lower school now has a Glee Club, headed by Mrs. Kiene and Ms. Foster, which aims to nurture the singing talents and enunciation of our younger learners.

There are so many after school activities now, that some students have to choose between 2 clubs they'd really like to join. Each school day, after lessons end, the school is buzzing with activity as students are changing into their sports clothes, carrying big nets full of balls or collecting their art supplies and walking through the campus to get to where they need to be.

Thanks to everyone who gives their time and shares their passions to offer these great enrichment experiences. 


Thursday, 14th January 2016

Building work has begun on a new site to expand our pre-school program to the neighboring village of Prey Denghaum. We have taken an abandoned, old school house in the grounds of a nearby Buddhist pagoda, renovated and repaired its interior, added a playground, built a new kitchen and canteen building and added a bathroom block. The work is being watched and eagerly anticipated by locals, especially those with young children. The new facility will cater for an additional 100 pre-schoolers who will learn English through play and song.

Thank you to the monks and elders of the village who have very generously helped to get the project underway.


Thursday, 17th December 2015

Grade 1 have been reading a unit all about journeys and to round off their exploration, they took a journey of their own. This week, they all boarded the JPA bus to visit the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. For most is was their first visit to the ancient temples and they were suitably awestruck.

A local guide very helpfully taught them about the history of the temples and their ancestors who built the largest religious monument in the world. They gasped at the bas reliefs and stood in awe of the huge central stupa. Just as impressive to our intrepid adventurers were the graceful elephants and the troops of cheeky macaque monkeys who roam the complex looking for food.

The following day, each first grader wrote and drew pictures showing their reflections of the trip with monkeys and the bus ride getting a mention in quite a few stories. "I went to Angkor Wat. I saw monkeys" said Kanyarisa. We went on a field trip and it was fun", said Visek.

Ms. Foster and Ms. McQueen reported that the bus ride back to school was full of chatter all about their excellent day out.


Monday, 7th December 2015

This year saw the 20th annual Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. Three events, 21 km and 10 km races and a 3 km fun run, brought together thousands of participants and supporters from across the globe. It was JPA's 7th consecutive year in the event and we were represented by over 50 students from the JPA running club, 9 teachers and a bus full of student supporters.

To avoid the heat of the day, the race begins in the early morning, just after sunrise and follows a stunning course through the World Heritage site of the famed Angkorian temples. The atmosphere is always uplifting and the event is a major part of the Siem Reap cultural calendar.

JPA's 3 km fun runners finished with most of them meeting or beating their personal goals. They then joined the enthusiastic supporters to wait for the 10 km runners. In they came, each pushing themselves to beat their personal time goals buoyed by the cheers of the crowd. Representing JPA, science teacher, Mr. Bennett, swept across the 21 km finish line like a gazelle with an impressive time of 1 hour 40 minutes. He was closely followed by seasoned marathon runner, Ms. MacDonald from Pre-Kindergarten.

JPA's first and only student to finish the 21 km race was Sokhoeun from Grade 10. Sokhoeun aimed to build on his previous success in 2014 when he achieved a personal best of 49 minutes in the 10 km race. This year he trained hard and entered the 21 km as JPA's first ever student participant. At the finish line he reflected on his time and his strategy. He finished in 2 hours and 9 minutes, but he thinks he can do much better than that. He said, "I’m glad I made the decision to race the 21 km. I looked around for a fast person and tried to keep up with them, but if that person stopped I looked for another person to keep up with." He felt it was not the best strategy and found it hard to finish the last half of the race, "I felt like giving up after about 10 kilometers," he said, "so every kilometer after that I told myself I would go one more kilometer. Next time I’m going to pace myself and not run so fast in the beginning." Sokhoeun's efforts have spurred fellow running club members with some of this year's 10 km runners setting their sights on next year's 21 km race.

A cheering crowd of students lined the final stage of the course giving their classmates and teachers an extra boost of encouragement. Following the races, all the supporters and runners gathered for a picnic next to a lotus pond where we congratulated the runners and posed for celebratory photos.

Thanks to the running club coaches and everyone involved for helping to make another great event and congratulations to the runners.


Monday, 16th November 2015

Adding a final touch to our Lower School reading initiative, this quarter, we built a reading gazebo in the Lower School gardens. The space is surrounded by shady trees and is a great place for whole class story-telling or individual silent reading. Our own JPA maintenance team built the gazebo watched eagerly by the lower school students as they waited for the Grand Opening. Lower School Department Chair, Ms. Norton, cut the ribbon and declared the gazebo open. The teachers have appreciated having a quiet place to bring reading classes out of the classroom and into a serene setting where all students can contribute to discussions about books. Some of the students enjoy using the gazebo in the early mornings before school begins. "I just like to sit there and dangle my feet while I read," said Sorineth from Grade 3.

Lower School teachers have each created small classroom libraries with size appropriate, colorful furniture where students can spend time after school reading recommended books. "When I finish my lessons early, I like to go to my class library," said 4th grader, Satya. Each month the books are renewed as teachers select titles recommended by our Accelerated Reader program designed to increase the level of reading comprehension.

While some students prefer to read along with their classmates, others prefer to nestle down in a peaceful area with their favorite book. Different reading spaces have helped spread reading bug this year. “This ties in with the school-wide push through the Accelerated Reader program, to engage our students in reading, every day, and in as many different places as possible," said Ms. Norton.

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” Atwood H. Townsend.


Monday, 2nd November 2015

We welcomed the parents of Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 over the weekend for our Parents' Workshop.

There was a great turn out with a good mix of mothers and fathers which was testament to the cooperation between school and parents and our joint desire to give our children the best possible start to life, both at school and at home.

In cooperation with local NGO, WRC (Women’s Resource Centre), JPA staff and parents worked together to identify key elements of good parenting. The workshop opened with a presentation by JPA Student Council president, Sreynich about the correct way to secure safety helmets. Next, the introduction outlined how the morning would proceed and that parents’ participation was welcomed and encouraged. Participants learned about ways to provide positive role modeling including alternatives to reward and punishment. We focused instead on how children can be redirected with age appropriate explanations and how allowing them to consider the reasons behind parental decisions respects their intelligence and helps them to make the right choices. Parents then discussed sleep requirements and the effects of lack of sleep on performance at school.

After a break for refreshments, the workshop resumed to speak about providing good nutrition and ensuring standards of hygiene. With just a little prompting from presenter Pisey, parents were forthcoming with questions, responses and were very eager to share their experiences, successes and failures.

Throughout the morning, we all recognized that while there are significant challenges in raising and educating children, as a mutually supportive community, through sharing ideas and experiences and strategies, we can protect, nurture and guide the next generation of adults. "Every child needs to grow up feeling secure, strong, healthy and valuable. Parents are the main people at home to protect and support children physically and emotionally," said Pisey, managing director of WRC.

Thank you Pisey, Srey Nich, Nurse Ratana and Ms. Norton who put together an exceptionally informative day. Thanks also to our strong community of parents that continue to support JPA and their children to achieve their full potential at JPA and beyond.

End of Quarter Celebration of the Joy of Reading

Monday, 19th October 2015

We celebrated the last day of Quarter 1 with a performances and our Reading Scavenger Hunt celebrating the wonderful world of literature. The student council organized a fantastic dance routine, All About Those Books. Council members took to the stage and soon had the whole audience singing and dancing along.

Students then divided into groups and competed in the Scavenger Hunt where each group had a list of clues and answers could be found written all around the school. The event ended with a celebration of the achievements we have made in reading this quarter across the whole school. Using the Accelerated Reader program, each student has set personal reading goals to achieve through the first semester. Many students have met or exceeded their personal goals and were rewarded with a cycle helmet and a huge round of applause. Sovannarath from Grade 6 was so pleased to be rewarded, "I really love reading," she said.

Meanwhile Pre-K and KG had their own assembly where their teachers brought one for their favorite books, The Three Little Pigs, to life. They squealed with delight as the big bad wolf, played by Mr. Crawford, blew the houses down, whilst Ms. Emms narrated and the other teachers, dressed in face masks, played the 3 little pigs. Each student ended the quarter by checking out a library book to read over the Cambodian Pchum Ben holiday.


Friday, 9th October 2015

This year we welcomed another 60 students to our early childhood English program, being conducted at a local pagoda for 3 year old children in our community.

Lots of eager parents from the surrounding villages arrived on the registration day to enrol their children. The children were given uniforms, shoes and had their first sing-a-long while their parents attended a short orientation session. The 60 children participating in the program are getting a great foundation in English as well as learning the fundamental skills of socialization and cooperation through play activities, dance and songs. In addition to English, the children receive a nutritious meal and guidance in maintaining personal and dental hygiene. “All these aspects are key ingredients at this stage of their development,” says Ms. Allen, the program coordinator. The classroom is bustling with fun, color and energy and the children rush in enthusiastically for each exciting new day.


Thursday, 24th September 2015

JPA’s extracurricular clubs have expanded this year offering our students a range of fun after-school activities.

Ms. Clingman's drama club restarted with a playwrights' workshop. The team of playwrights have been raising ideas for the plot and then voting for the best ideas. So far, we understand that there will be time-travel and a heroic intervention to deal with an alien school bully. We anticipate a thrilling production to replicate the success of last year's Back To Earth epic. "It is important the that drama club members understand the collaborative process as well as coming up with a good script," says Ms. Clingman.

Senior student, Sinet, was inspired by college counselor Ms. Saren's efforts to develop leadership skills among high school students. With Ms. Saren's guidance, Sinet has started a public speaking club which, she says, “aims to improve our English presentation skills and our confidence." The club gives the high school students valuable experience addressing large groups and developing well reasoned, persuasive arguments.

Back by popular demand, guitar club has now expanded to include 3 different groups after many JPA students were keen to take to the stage following last year's inaugural performances. "When I'm playing guitar, I am very focused on what I'm doing; on counting beats and forgetting about everything else except the tune," said Channa, who enters her second year of guitar club. Classmate and Student Council president, Sreynich, who started the first guitar club says, "I am so proud to have started something which is now spreading around the school. Not only do students appreciate music as something to relax to, but as something they can become skilled at."

Grade 10 students, Voleak and Seiha, have continued the dance club this year, "I love to do physical exercise," says Voleak, "but we also exercise mentally to choreograph the movements in harmony with the music."

And finally, the running club continues their weekly run around the local villages in preparation for the annual Angkor Wat half-marathon. This year the focus is on setting and achieving personal goals. Each runner has a log of their lap times and a program to make incremental improvements. Sokhoeun, who was the first JPA student over the 10 km finish line last year, is in training to complete his first half-marathon this December.

Many thanks to all those continuing clubs this year.


Wednesday, 9th September 2015
Credit: Paul Morse / Clinton Global Initiative  

Two of our graduates from the class of 2013 have been invited to participate in global conferences this month.

Thany, who is currently a student at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh, was invited to a meeting organized by the UN Global Compact in New Delhi, India. The event, “Equality Means Business: Women’s Empowerment Principles in Practice," brings together over 150 leaders in government, business, academia and civil society to discuss the essential role business must play to realize gender equality. As one of JPA's first graduates and the first in her family to have a university education, the subject is one close to Thany's heart.

Fellow graduate, Barang, currently studying at Elon University in North Carolina, has been invited to participate in the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York later this month sponsored by the Wedu “Rising Star” program. The theme for this year's meeting is “The Future of Impact” and will feature speakers such as Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and Virgin Group boss, Sir Richard Branson.

Congratulations Thany and Barang. You continue to inspire all of us here at JPA.


Wednesday, 2nd September 2015

As part of their first year long technology course, Grade 7 and 8 are learning all about robotics. The students start by building their robots, choosing to attach wheels, modular sensors and motors, winches, pulleys and all sorts of useful equipment that allows their robot to respond to computer programming to execute multiple functions. They then engage with the computer software to write their own series of coding which commands the robots to complete tasks and challenges. The classes have proved very popular and a great introduction to computer coding.


Monday, 17th August 2015

All JPA students excitedly returned to school this week full of stories from their summer adventures. Many students returned from overseas trips to Australia and Europe and many more from their Camps International experiences here in Cambodia where they shared fun and cooperation with British students working on community relief projects.

Our 60 new Pre-Kindergarten students were delighted to see their bright classrooms, colorful new play equipment and meet their teachers and classmates.

We started the new school year with an assembly celebrating our achievements last year and reaffirming our commitment to make this year even better. We welcomed new and returning teachers and we said farewell to graduates heading overseas to university. The campus was bustling with activity as students all collected their supplies, stocked their lockers and familiarized themselves with their new schedule.

Students were thrilled to learn about yet more computer coding classes, the introduction of robotics classes plus a great new Accelerated Reader program to foster and advance the love of literature.

Welcome back everyone. We look forward to another outstanding year at JPA.