Singapore Science Camp

Friday, 17th July 2015

Over the summer break five JPA students from grades 9 - 12 attended the National University of Singapore (NUS) science camp at NUS’s state of the art research center. Taught by university professors, every day began in the NUS lecture theatre where the group of 250 students from around the world attended lectures on subjects such as the analysis of discrepancies between implied and actual probabilities, the consumer product potential of ‘big data’ when applied to ‘the internet of things’, and innovations that have become possible as a result of advancements in the field of 3D printing technology. The afternoons were then spent in the lab conducting various experiments from the manipulation of nanoscale objects using single-beam gradient force traps, to analyzing and classifying non-native species into appropriate phyla and conducting forensic science research. For Sinet, going into Grade 11, this was the most intriguing part of the week. “We did DNA analysis using agarose gel electrophoresis and recreated the O.J. Simpson DNA lab conditions. We discovered that, although DNA analysis is useful, it can sometimes be inconclusive when crime scenes become contaminated and the blood sample evidence is mishandled.”

The group also visited the Singapore Botanical gardens and the Singapore Science Center. They stayed on campus in university lodging and left inspired to know more, not only about Science, but also Singapore and future university life.


Tuesday, 30th June 2015

On a recent school trip to Phnom Penh, a team of grade 5 students participated in Cambodia's first ever inter-school STEM competition at KidsCity Science Gallery. The activities were designed to test the practical application of scientific principles, critical thinking and team work skills. The competition was attended by 24 Cambodian schools and was great chance for students from different schools to come together in the spirit of innovation and competition.
Activities included the challenges of making a casing that could protect an egg dropped from a balcony and building a cost effective and strong bridge from just 4 pieces of paper.

The grade 5 students relished the challenges as they had covered many of the key concepts in science class. Their bridge was so well constructed that it withstood all the available weights the judges were able to attach to it.

There were many great participants from the schools represented and the competition proved to be a fantastic way for Cambodian children to delight in the world of science. This all bodes well for the future of STEM in Cambodia and teachers present noted that a good foundation in STEM subjects opens many more opportunities for young Cambodians.

JPA students were delighted to be chosen as the winners. Congratulations to Visal, Srey On, Vichheka, Pagnapech, and Sophairath. Well done to all the participants, keep on loving science and we'll see you next year. Many thanks to the organizers, KidsCity, the sponsors and to Jeff Holte from Liger Learning.

We especially thank Mr. Ahlers and Ms. Woodgate who have done a marvelous job of preparing their students for the competition.


Friday, 19th June 2015

This summer two JPA students are undertaking internships with tour group company, Rustic Pathways in Phnom Penh. The tours aim to provide students from outside Cambodia with a unique experience volunteering with some of the country’s most needy communities, and ultimately having a positive impact on those communities. Grade 11 student, Ek, will complete an internship in Tour Leader training. She will serve as a translator and ambassador, bridging gaps between the visiting foreign students and local communities. Prior to the internship, Ek attended a tour leader training meeting in Thailand with over 100 Rustic Pathway tour leaders from around the world. Lyfong, a recent JPA graduate, is assisting with the preparation of the programs, and learning various aspects of the Cambodian tourism industry. This summer will see lots more JPA students venture out to companies and NGOs to get some valuable work experience.


Friday, 12th June 2015

The end of the school year saw JPA’s second graduation ceremony for the class of 2015. The ceremony started by welcoming the families of the graduates who took their seats as the graduates marched in their academic regalia to the front of the audience. Salutatorian, Chanty, opened proceedings with her welcome address. After a short speech by the Head of School, the graduates and audience watched a short presentation of photos and video of their time at JPA which drew some tears and laughter as they relived shared memories. Valedictorian, Chamroeun, delivered a well written speech in which he remembered teachers past and present and spoke of the strong sense of community shared between JPA students. During the conferring of the diplomas, the graduates each came to the stage in a great moment of pride for their families. With their hard earned diplomas in hand, the graduates turned their tassels to the left and followed the Valedictorian and Salutatorian in the recessional to bring the ceremony to an end.

The ceremony was also attended by Ms. Allen, who taught the class of 2015 when they were in grade 6 back in 2008/2009. She made a promise then to be at their graduation and, true to her word, she made the trip over from her current home in Qatar.

In the evening, the graduates were joined by JPA alumni and rising grade 12 students in the JPA Graduation Prom at a beautiful ballroom in Siem Reap. There was a live band and lots of delicious food as the graduates, students, alumni and teachers danced the night away. During a break for the band, some members of the JPA guitar club took to the stage and regaled the audience with a few well received songs. “This night marks the beginning of the next stage of my life,” said Graduate Srey Ed. All graduates had a fantastic evening. “I don’t want this night to end,” said one happy graduate as she boarded the bus home.


Monday, 1st June 2015

JPA Drama Club recently performed their original production, “Back to Earth” at the Angkor Village Apsara Theater.

The Drama club was responsible for all aspects of the production including set-design, lighting, casting as well as performing their epic tale of adventures in the underworld.

On the day of the performance, busloads of JPA students, teachers and staff, parents and family of the cast and invited Siem Reap residents took their seats in the beautiful theater. Meanwhile backstage, in the culmination of the 8 months of effort put in by the teams of playwrights, designers, cast and director, the energy was palpable. Actors and crew busily applied the finishing touches to costumes and lighting. Nerves grew suddenly calm as the opening guitar music sounded through the theater and the audience hushed. What followed was a tantalizing spectacle ranging from realistic to mythical that had the audience gasping at the romance and laughing at the jokes, enthralled as the main characters encountered peril along their journey.

In their story, a band of teenage friends lead by Jason, unite on an intrepid journey to the depths of hell to rescue leading lady, Arya, from the clutches of Hades, God of the Underworld. Along the way, they resist the tempting sirens singing their haunting song as they cross the ocean in their magical, golden boat. They encounter murderous demons and try to solve riddles posed by the trickster god Hermes. They outwit Cerberus, a ferocious 3 headed dog that guards the entrance to the Underworld and finally come face to face with Hades himself. Greek mythology was not the only influence as, with shades of Shakespeare, the two leading characters, fall in love in defiance of their families who are bitter enemies. Cambodian culture was also a part of the blend of ancient, mysterious and modern as the goddess Aphrodite appeared in the form of an Apsara dancer, played gracefully by Veasna who revives Jason, slain by evil serpents and brings the two lovers together. Having completed their arduous mission and escaped the Underworld, the teenagers finally make it back to earth and Jason and Arya realize they have to bring their feuding, oil-baron families together and modernize their business for the survival of both companies. They appeal to their parents to bury past rivalry and look to a better future of cooperation and shared profit. They are visited by the prophetic deity Apollo who silences all and speaks of a future where Jason and Arya unite their companies to produce a new and successful green energy corporation.

As the curtain dropped, the audience gave a huge round of applause and the parents of the cast were proudly surprised to see their children entertain the crowd in such a professionally executed performance. One 6th grade audience member, Visivai, exclaimed, "The play was fabulous because it was filled with all sorts of things like adventure and love."

Drama Club lead teacher, Ms. Clingman, worked very hard over the last few months, even giving up her weekends to supervise rehearsals. Her passion for performance arts was a great inspiration to her cast and crew and a wonderful event for the whole school.

The Drama Club is already looking forward to next year's production and surpassing the high standard set by "Back to Earth."


Saturday, 16th May 2015

Jay Pritzker Academy’s inaugural alumni social event was held on Saturday in Siem Reap, and was judged a resounding success by all in attendance.

The gatherings aim to connect JPA alumni and create a forum for them to share their experiences and achievements beyond school as well as providing necessary networking opportunities. The keynote speaker was Rithy Thul, from Small World Cambodia, in Phnom Penh, which is an organization that assists budding entrepreneurs to connect and start their own businesses. Our class of 2015 was also in attendance and heard from graduates about life, work and study beyond JPA. They reported that seeing the successes of our graduates gave them optimism about their futures.

We all look forward to further collaboration between all members of the JPA community past and present.


Friday, 24th April 2015

This week we welcomed students, teachers, staff and proud parents as we all came together to celebrate the hard work and achievement of JPA students through Quarter 3 with our Honors Assembly. Ms. Chan’s elementary music classes entertained us with songs and dances about nature and weather. The High School Guitar Club, in their second public performance, played two catchy songs that got everyone’s feet tapping. The performances were followed by inspirational speeches from Sinet, Grade 11, Sony, Grade 12 and Srey Im from Grade 4.

Honor Roll students were awarded certificates along with the most improved student from each grade. Mr. Terrazas presented certificates to those students who have been excelling in their Khan Academy sessions. As the assembly ended, parents went with their children to their classrooms to look at their displays and chat with their teachers.

Thank you to the Student Council members who planned and presented a well-organized event.


Friday, 10th April 2015

We rounded off Quarter 3 with a huge, school-wide celebration of the Cambodian New Year. The school was decorated with star shaped lanterns which Cambodian families hang outside their houses as a symbol of light and hope for the incoming year. There were lots of activities including sack races, hitting the pot, tug o' war and lots of traditional games. During assembly, students thanked all of the facilities staff for keeping the school running and Khmer staff including cleaners, teachers, cooks and classroom assistants taught the expatriate teachers traditional dancing. JPA students will enter the Buddhist era year 2559 full of hope that it will be just as successful as 2558.


Monday, 23rd March 2015

We are very pleased to announce that, Salin, one of our graduates from the class of 2013 is departing soon to study at the University of Hong Kong as part of a student exchange program.

Salin has been studying International Relations at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) and has been doing so well that she was chosen as the most deserving recipient of this opportunity. She said, "I have a high score and have been studying really hard all year."

Apart from her success at university, Salin has been working at a local hotel, which she loves as, not only does she gain more professional work experience, but it gives her a chance to meet with some of the many tourists who visit Siem Reap to develop her English skills.

In Hong Kong, Salin hopes to experience the many differences between Cambodia and Hong Kong and looks forward to studying in a completely different environment in one of the world’s major cities. It is her first time travelling out of the country, but with her experience in the hotel meeting guests from all corners of the world, she feels she is pretty well prepared.

We all wish Salin the best and we are proud to see our alumni succeed and travel around the world.


Wednesday, 18th March 2015

At the Junior Soccer League semi-finals and finals this weekend, JPA took home the Under-14 girls' trophy. It's Siem Reap's biggest football competition, with over 1000 players competing in the league. For two JPA teams, the boys' Under 13 team and the girls' Under 14 team, it was their first season in the competition. They had a shaky start with neither team scoring in their first matches. However, with training and guidance from coach Mr. Ahlers, they made great improvements and were determined to succeed. One player, Chay, spent the afternoon before the final running laps around her village. The semi-final against Stepping Stones went to penalties and JPA emerged victorious which was a great psychological boost for the team as they suffered their first loss of the season to Stepping Stones.

The final was then against fellow first timers to the league, ABC’s and Rice girls' Under 14 team. There was little between the teams and the final, too, went to penalties. JPA won, but a big congratulations goes out to ABC's and Rice who were a worthy adversary.

Coach Mr. Ahlers applauded the team, "It's a great achievement for a group of girls who were playing football together for the first time this season. They made amazing improvements in the last few months and all that hard work and grit paid off when they got to take home the championship trophy."
Captain of the team, Rasy from Grade 7, said that it was teamwork and persistence that took the team to victory, "We just didn't give up", she said.

Congratulations to all the teams participating and a special thanks to Coach Charlie Pomroy who has worked tirelessly organizing the league and running the competitions to bring this great opportunity to the children of Siem Reap.


Wednesday, 4th March 2015

JPA’s Pre-Kindergarten classes journeyed beyond Tachet last week on a field trip to the International School of Siem Reap (ISSR). For many of the sixty Pre-Kindergarten students, it was their first time on a bus, for some, their first time out of their village and for most, their first time into Siem Reap city. They set off excitedly looking out of the windows on their way into town. They were fascinated to see the busy traffic, the fancy shops, and groups of tourists walking along the streets.

The eager chatter died down as soon as they pulled up to the gates of ISSR and disembarked to meet their new friends. The doors of the classroom were opened and, after some initial shyness, the activities began. Painting with watercolors at the easels, writing letters in foam, building alphabet block towers, modeling with play dough, and computer based phonics games, to name but a few. All the activities were designed to encourage interaction with their peers from around the world. They then played outside on the swings, climbed the tire tower in the sandpit and played on the see-saw. By the end of the day, some were so exhausted that they fell asleep on the bus back to school. Kindergartner Pau said, "We had fun. We did painting. We played on the swings. We met new friends." When asked if they'd like to go back, the class answer was a resounding and very loud, "Yes!"

Thanks to the staff of ISSR, especially Rebecca and Mary, and our Pre-Kindergarten teachers Ms Emms, Ms Kiene and Ms MacDonald for planning such a memorable first field trip.

Farewell to Two More Graduates Entering University

Friday, 20th February 2015

Class of 2014 graduates, Phin and Rady have followed in the footsteps of Class of 2013 graduate Rida. They too have been accepted into Webster University, Bangkok and each has been awarded a partial scholarship.

Phin is studying for a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Rady earned a place in the B.A. Management program with an emphasis on International Relations. We know they will continue the hard work they began in JPA and will return ready and able to help their communities.

Congratulations Phin and Rady!

JPA Students Shortlisted for UWC Scholarships

Wednesday, 11th February 2015

JPA is delighted to announce that 5 of our high school students, So, Sopheap, Socheat, Sopheara and Pagna made it to the 25 shortlisted candidates who will take part in the second round of exams for a United World Colleges (UWC) two year scholarship.

Hundreds of hopeful students from all around Cambodia sat the test in centers across the country, including JPA’s campus, for just 5 scholarships to one of the many UWC schools and colleges worldwide.

UWC is a British based initiative founded in 1962 to promote shared values through education to help create a more peaceful, sustainable future. UWC students are chosen on merit from diverse backgrounds. Their alumni include noted academics, authors and entrepreneurs. Former presidents of UWC include Nelson Mandela.

The 5 JPA students will travel to Phnom Penh for the final exams on 22nd February.

Everyone at JPA wishes them the greatest success.

Perfect start to 2015

Monday, 12th January 2015

Student Council President, So from Grade 11, has good reason to be proud of herself this quarter. She just earned a perfect score on the math section of her ACT test, which is a feat less than 1% of ACT test takers achieve.
Navin from Grade 9 also got some impressive results this January in his SSAT test. He told us, “The SSAT is a test like nothing I've ever seen. The 93rd percentile I got was good, but I am not ready to believe that's the best I can do.”
Well done So and Navin, everyone at JPA is very proud of you.

End of Year Celebration

Friday, 19th December 2014

The final day of the semester and 2014 surmised the spirit of the wonderful JPA school community. We started with an assembly filled with performances that enthralled the 500 plus audience. There were delightful songs and dancing from Pre-K and Grades 1 & 2. The leader of JPA Guitar Club, Srey Nich, accompanied by a choir, performed a catchy song, and the JPA Dance Club performed a spectacular montage of dance styles from around the world. We rounded off the day with a treasure hunt and field games involving the whole school before everyone sat down to a delicious festive lunch. It was a fantastic way to bring an end to 2014 and we all look forward to more achievement in 2015.


Monday, 8th December 2014

The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon was held again on Sunday 7th December. As well as the half marathon, there was a shorter 10km run and a 3km fun run. Jay Pritzker Academy was represented by over fifty faculty and students for the fourth year in a row. The participants and a bus load of JPA supporters made their way before dawn to the archaeological park to watch and take part in the 8000 strong competition. It included runners from around the world and over three thousand Cambodians. Both the 21km and 10km races were won by Cambodians, to the delight of crowds of supporters. Sokhoeun from Grade 9, was not only our first JPA runner to finish the 10 km run, but in the first few runners to finish the race in under 50 minutes. He had only trained for a 4 – 5 km run, so was very proud of himself. “I set small goals, like trying to run to the next tree, to keep my determination up”. Supporters and runners met at the finish line and then enjoyed a picnic next to a beautiful lotus filled pond. Thank you to running club coach, Mr. McNicol, for organizing this wonderful event.


Friday, 21st November 2014

This week, Grade 1 went to visit the Angkor Silk Farm in Puok to learn all about the lifecycle of the silk worm and learn how the silk worm industry contributes to the community.
It was a great opportunity for the students to see the local production and to make a connection with their science classes where they have been learning all about lifecycles. The helpful guides explained how silk moths lay up to 500 little yellow eggs which turn black before the larva hatch. The silk worms then feed continuously on mulberry leaves before entering the pupa stage where they enclose themselves in a silk cocoon spun from their saliva glands. The students saw how some of the cocoons are allowed to mature for about 3 weeks after which the adult silk moths emerge to reproduce and continue the cycle of life. Other cocoons are boiled and then unraveled so the silk can be spun to make beautiful fabric. Liheng told us how he saw a moth come out of its cocoon and how silk can be used to make pretty clothes.


Wednesday, 12th November 2014

This week we held the first parent-teacher conference day of the year. Parent-teacher conference days are a great chance for parents to meet with teachers, see their children’s work, celebrate their achievements and to ensure continued mutual support. We all enjoyed welcoming the parents and we thank them for coming.


Tuesday, 4th November 2014

JPA’s newest team, the JPA Dynamos, played for the first time on Sunday making it all the way to the semi-finals at Siem Reap’s inaugural Goals for Girls competition. The competition brought together a host of mixed boy/ girl teams from Siem Reap and Battambang in a series of knock out matches. Special rules applied to encourage more girls to get involved in the sport; the first goal had to be scored by a girl and each subsequent goal scored by a female player counted as two goals.
Our newly formed team, selected from grades 5 – 7, made a great start. After a draw in their first match followed by a 2-0 win, they forged ahead and ended up in the semi-final against local team, Sunrise. At the final whistle after a tough battle, it was still 0-0. The result had to be decided on penalties. Alisa, Grade 7, landed a magnificent shot in the back of the net and goalkeeper Phirom, Grade 6, made a spectacular save. Sinuan, Grade 6, already on the score sheet with a fantastic goal in a previous match stepped up to take the deciding penalty, her shot flew past the goalkeeper, but bounced off the crossbar and JPA dynamos narrowly missed making it to the final. Their coach, Mr. Ahlers, was extremely proud of their effort. “In my eyes they are unbeaten. In five games of regular play they lost only on penalties to the eventual champions of the day. On top of that, they didn’t concede a single goal in all five games! It was a completely stellar effort”. JPA Dynamos have given the younger students, boys and girls, a chance to represent their school and Mr. Terrazas, the coach of the high school team, JPA United, will be keeping a careful eye on the up and coming footballing stars. Well done JPA Dynamos!


Saturday, 25th October 2014

Thany and Y Soun just completed a project for the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre on flooding in Cambodia. Their video detailed the effects of flooding on their rural community. Thany spoke about the effect on her education, when her school had to close because of flooding, and the difficulty in finding food to feed her family. She also spoke about her younger brother becoming severely ill from ingesting unsafe water, and the problem of spreading disease during a flood. They were informed that their team were the winners for the entire AUW University. Thany wrote, ‘each of us got a glass trophy with our name on it and a certificate; it was fun because we suddenly became stars and everyone wanted to have their picture taken with us! When the ADPC interviewed us we suggested they introduce this awareness campaign idea to universities or even high schools at home as it’s known in a quite a few countries but not Cambodia.’
Congratulations on representing your country and JPA!

Phuk Barang welcomes Pulitzer Prize winners to Elon University

Thursday, 16th October 2014

Renowned Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn were hosted this week by JPA graduate, Phuk Barang, at The Center for Access and Success at Elon University. Barang was chosen to represent the Watson and Odyssey Scholars Program in welcoming the acclaimed journalists. They are co-authors of the new book “A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity,” which talks about simple ways that individuals can make a difference in the world. “One of the central axioms of life these days is that talent is universal but opportunity is not,” Kristof said. The title of the book came from a quote from Chinese essayist Lu Xun, who likens hope to a path in the countryside; it appears only by people walking over it again and again.
It was a great way for Barang to complete her first half term at Elon and was an added bonus to her fantastic mid-term exams where she excelled in all subjects getting A grades in all but her writing where she earned a B+. Barang continues to inspire all of us and proves what wonderful results can come from hard work.

Thorn Pech: A Published Author

Tuesday, 30th September 2014

To mark the hundred year anniversary of the start of the First World War, Palazzo Strozzi, a respected art institution in Florence, Italy, has published a book titled "No More War: Children’s Experiences of Armed Conflict", by Professor James M. Bradburne. The small hardback publication is an account of the devastating effects of conflict on the lives of young people from all over the world over the last 100 years. The author somberly notes: “War is among humankind’s greatest scourges, spares no-one and has been merciless in inflicting damage on the innocent- families, mothers and above all children.’
Our graduate, Thorn Pech’s reflections on his family’s experiences of the Khmer Rouge and the after effects on his whole family have been included in the book, along with a drawing by Phuk Barang. Pech’s father and grandfather kindly offered to share their stories and Pech skillfully crafted a short, but powerful and heartbreaking essay. We are all proud of JPA’s first published author. Congratulations Pech and his family for sharing this story.

Extracurricular activities

Wednesday, 24th September 2014

Extracurricular activities at Jay Pritzker Academy are off to a great start this year with the students choosing sports, dance and other fun clubs.
Our talented student writers are hard at work as journalists sourcing stories and writing articles for our upcoming Reflections newspaper. Under the guidance of English teacher Ms. Boland, the newly formed Newspaper Club is dedicated to producing a high quality quarterly periodical for the JPA community.
The very popular Drama Club is on again led by Ms. Clingman. Insiders say the script currently includes time travel into the past and future. Other students involved in the production crew are learning the basics of lighting and effects.
The Running Club has also seen a big turnout this quarter led by science teacher Mr. McNichol and elementary teacher Ms. Lindsay Holt. The group takes to the roads outside school every Friday much to the delight of our neighbors.
The JPA Dance Club also kicked off again this year in fine style with science teacher Mrs. Lavery instructing in movement and rhythm and helping everyone get fitter. The weekly sessions include popular dance styles like Zumba and Salsa and will culminate in an end of year ‘round-the-world’ dance spectacular.
Grade Nine student Vunn Srey Nich is also starting up a Guitar Club, fresh off the back of her performance at assembly.
JPA United senior football team is looking to pick up where it left off after a successful 2014 season, again with coach Mr. Terrazas. Many former players have now graduated, so this year the team will be rebuilt and new players will be selected. Anchor players such as Soprom, Korb and Vichea will mentor the new recruits and we are sure to see the team achieve the same level of grit and determination that we have come to expect from JPA United.

Y Soun and Thany deliver speeches to the Trustees of AUW

Wednesday, 17th September 2014

​Two of our recent graduates, Y Soun and Thany, presented impressive speeches at the WEDU Leadership Development workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The audience included the trustees of the Asian University for Women and government officials. Both young women were invited as part of the WEDU ‘Rising Stars’ program that helps fund tertiary education for young women with leadership potential throughout Asia. Y Soun enjoyed a personal interview with the Bangladesh Minister of Finance.
Y Soun moved the audience with the story of her humble beginnings on a rural duck farm and her growth, development and eventual graduation from Jay Pritzker Academy. Their poise and delivery prompted the trustees to inquire how long the pair had been attending the university; not expecting the answer to be just two weeks.
The trustees pledged more money towards the AUW, which is fantastic news for the university and women in Asia.

Goodbye Tachet, Hello Florence

Thursday, 4th September 2014

We bid farewell this week to 10 Jay Pritzker Academy students, bound for Florence, Italy. They will spend the next academic year at Studio Arts Centers International (SACI), a leading US tertiary fine art institution. The renowned college is housed in the beautiful Palazzo dei Cartelloni; a landmark Renaissance building in the historic center of Florence. The students will take their places among their peers from the USA and other countries. They will begin their first university level classes in Early and Late Renaissance History, Web Design, the History of Science in the Renaissance and Architecture among other courses.
Congratulations to the following students: Kho Sovann, Noeun Vanndet, Gnean Theara, Oeun Sovannara, Sunn Cheda, Prom Bakhann, Ly Vanna, Heng Rith Sakk, Chek Socheata, Pin Sokun Tevy.


Monday, 18th August 2014

The 2014/ 2015 academic year started on August 18th as we welcomed over 500 students back to school. Our 60 new Pre-Kindergarten classes excitedly returned after their introduction to school during the summer program. Our juniors and seniors arrived fresh from their summer internships and their first experiences of work in professional environments. Some of our middle and high school students rejoined their classmates after their overseas summer experiences in different parts of the world: Adelaide, Florence, Rome and Venice, Cambridge and Oxford, Paris and Singapore. We all look forward to hearing their stories and watching their presentations.
Our high school students moved into their newly built classrooms with wonderful vistas over the surrounding rice fields. Our expansion has allowed us to add new and interesting courses to the curriculum including a semester 1 course in psychology, AP calculus, advanced physics, current affairs and speech and debate. We warmly welcome all staff and students and look forward to another great year of achievement.