JPA Students


Pre-Kindergarten uses the SRA/McGraw-Hill “Imagine It” reading program. Children begin with phonological and phonemic awareness. They learn the sounds and shapes of the alphabet and become familiar with reading strategies such as predicting and responding to comprehension questions. . Themed literature selections lay the foundation for early reading and print awareness. There is a strong focus on English language acquisition in the first formative years of JPA.


SRA/McGraw-Hill Real Math Program introduces the children to geometry, measurement, patterns and classification. There are plenty of opportunities to practice and identify concepts such as “less than”, “more than”, fractions and other math fundamentals.


The children begin to develop an understanding of how the world within their neighborhood and school connects with the world around them. There are opportunities to experiment and test scientific concepts as they explore life science, principles of energy, health, and nutrition.


Students focus on communities at home, at school, and in their villages. They identify continents and major countries from around the world. Kindergarten students learn about traditions in their country and overseas. Social Studies offers the students opportunities to learn how they may contribute to making a community a better place through concepts such as sharing and helping.


Related arts activities reinforce the themes covered in the main subject areas. Language acquisition and expression is supported through music, singing, writing and drawing. Students practice critical problem solving and creativity through the use of manipulatives and puzzles. They learn to predict, experiment, observe and record results.